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Wencor is an industry leader with over 30 years experience in the engineering, design and development of FAA approved parts. In fact, Wencor has been granted the authority to perform specified engineering, manufacturing, operations, airworthiness and maintenance functions on the FAA's behalf. Receiving the Organizational Design Authorization (ODA) from the FAA is a huge deal, allowing Wencor to bring your PMA development projects to market faster and more cost efficiently.

Select an aircraft system below to learn more about our available PMA parts or Contact Us to submit a new product development request.

Wencor PMA Air Cycle Machine_Air Turbine Wheel_ACM_ATA Chapter 21
Wencor PMA Auxillary Power Unit_APU_ATA Chapter 49
Wencor PMA Fuel System_Fuel Pump_Bearing_Gear_ATA Chapter 28_ATA Chapter 73
Wencor PMA Integrated Drive Generator_IDG_Constant Speed Drive_CSD_ATA Chapter 24
Wencor PMA Hydraulics_Hydraulic Pump_ATA Chapter 29
Wencor PMA Pneumatics_Air Turbine Starter_ATA Chapter 36_ATA Chapter 80
Wencor PMA Landing Gear_Sleeve_Bearing_Seal_ATA Chapter 32

Air Cycle Machines

Air Turbine Starters


Auxiliary Power Units


Business Aviation

Fuel Systems


IDGs, CSDs & Generators


Landing Gear, Wheels & Brakes


Thrust Reversers

Turbine Engines


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